Anonymous said: This is a bit of an odd question. I am asking it anyway. Have you ever gotten petrol at the Mobil station on Memorial? What is it like?

All questions are welcome, anon :-)

Yeah, I go to the Mobil station all the time. It’s just your average gas station; nothing too special about it. Not anymore, anyway. 

lefaitjugelhomme said: Azamat refused a deal. The Judge is aware of that fact. Now you want a guilty man cut additional slack after refusing a deal? Where is the justice in that? Where are your comments chastising Azamat for interfering in the BMB investigation?

Firstly, I’m sorry this response took so long. I haven’t had internet since the day I made the post you replied to. 

I understand that Azamat refused a deal. I also am aware that the Judge knows this. I have never questioned the fact that Azamat is guilty of what he has been charged with, nor have I ever supported or defended his actions. I have made these things clear on my blog in the past. However, despite his refusing of the plea deal, I do not believe Azamat deserves to spend 25 years in prison (in fact, I think the time he has already served is completely sufficient, but that’s just unrealistic). Let’s not lose sight of the big picture: he was a college student from overseas and probably was not well-familiarized with the U.S. justice system. Those factors coupled with: a) terrible, terrible, terrible judgment; and b) a fantastically improbable worst-of-the-worse-case scenario, make for a situation in which a young college student could easily lose sight of right and wrong. Aside from this, Azamat fully cooperated with LE during this entire process. Furthermore, the evidence presented by the defense during his trial distances him (to an extent) from most direct affiliation with the backpack and laptop. 

I hope I wasn’t too ramble-y in the paragraph above. Long day. 

Pot-smoking best friend may sink Dzhokhar Tsarnaev | Boston Herald


The arrest of a Cambridge man who MBTA cops said admitted to smoking pot “every day because my best friend is the bomber” could help federal investigators as they prepare for the Nov. 3 blockbuster trial of accused marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a former prosecutor said.

“If they corroborate that in fact the guy did know the bomber, then absolutely you’re going to debrief him about the bomber and what he knows about him,” former Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone said. “There’s all sorts of possibilities once you draw a connection between them.”

Stephen Silva, 21, made the pot-smoking admission after T police found $555 cash in his front pocket on Nov. 21 at the JFK MBTA Station during a drug bust, according to the arrest report. Police added they also found a glass jar and plastic bag containing marijuana.

“While waiting for the transport, Silva continuously stated, ‘I smoke a lot of weed every day because my best friend was the bomber,’ ” according to the affidavit, written by Detective Richard Sullivan, who sized Silva up as a “street level” drug dealer who is “near the bottom of the drug trafficking organization’s food chain.”

Following the Dorchester arrest, police received a search warrant for Silva’s phone, from which they recovered several text messages, according to court documents.

Silva is also charged with once possessing the Ruger model P95 9 mm pistol authorities believe Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev used to kill MIT officer Sean Collier April 18, 2013, a person with knowledge of the federal case told the Herald. Silva was arrested Monday night on the federal indictment, which also charged him with distributing heroin. Silva was out on personal recognizance in the November case, which charges him with possessing marijuana with intent to distribute.

Tony Blaize, Silva’s lawyer in the marijuana case, said yesterday he has “absolutely no information” on the federal charges. Asked to describe his client, Blaize said, “I choose not to comment at this point.”

Silva lives on the 18th floor of an apartment tower on busy Memorial Drive. A woman who answered the door at the apartment last night said the family has no comment.

He is due back in federal court Aug. 6.

Was just thinking… if this is the verdict for Azamat, Dias is not in great shape.

So Tazhayakov was found guilty of the charges relating to the backpack.

Unsurprising, but still sucky. IMO, the time he has served is enough. Hopefully the judge will be merciful with the sentencing.

Just realized I never made a post about this, but I am currently in Québec on vacation and will be until Thursday. I’ll try to be on as much as I can, but I won’t be posting much while I am here.

Hey everyone


I just wanted to say that I’m most likely going to be deleting this account within the next 24 hours unless for some reason I decide not to. I do not have a “personal” account on here so there will be no way to stay in contact with me.

I must say that this tumblr account has given me pretty many…

I’m so sorry for your loss. You will be missed around here, but finding yourself and where you belong is so important; I am so genuinely happy for you. Best of luck in all that you do in the future. <3

Anonymous said: Any thoughts on why J's attorneys want him to look at the autopsy pictures?


This comes back to the principle of being able to see evidence that would be presented against him in court. For all we know, he may elect NOT to look at those photos.

But perhaps if he does look at them, they are hoping to elicit (or increase) remorse by making him face what he did the day he pushed the button and walked away.  The best way to get a jury to have mercy on him would be for him to show remorse. It seems to me that the sooner he sees those photos and the more time he had to think about them, the more likely he would be to feel and show visible remorse.

Agreed 100%, DL.

Anonymous said: Im so nervous and anxious for aza :///

It’s all up to the jury now, anon. There isn’t much that worrying will do. I just wish him the best, whatever happens.